How to Keep Your Target Audience Engaged Using Funnels

In a competitive market, keeping your audience engaged is crucial to gain connections that make loyal followers and consumers. When you know who your target is and what’s important to them, you can make sure that your marketing activities have the best chance to be noticed and acknowledged. One foolproof method of engaging your target … Read more

Google Ads Have Been Busy in April and May 2021

April and May has seen Google Ads been really active with new changes, that they really kind of sneaked in..   or at least didn’t make much noise about it in Australia.  Read on more below to see if you knew about these… Acquire high-value users at scale with Target ROAS bidding “Starting today, if you … Read more

Build Your Personal Brand Using Google Ads

AdWords Customer in Shop Sydney

A booming business with clients flooding in doesn’t just happen overnight. If you want to improve your marketing and increase your brand awareness, you need to focus on creating your personal brand through Google Ads.

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