Buyer Personas To Maximise Conversions and ROI

Google Ads Buyer Persona

The cornerstone of any Google Ads marketing approach is your buyer personas, especially if your looking for ROI over traffic. It’s important to understand who your consumers are, their interests, and where they spend most of their time in order to convey the perfect marketing message and or create the right targets to get your … Read more

HTML5 Display Banner PPC Service

HTML5 Display Banner Services and Custom Lists   PPCland is able to customise bespoke remarketing and custom list campaigns for your organisation. Compete and market against tier 1 competitors through custom list targeting or competitor traffic like audiences. Just ask us how and see how. Find Out How We Can Build HTML5 Banners For You … Read more

Short Guide on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

You’ve probably encountered the term PPC while searching for effective ways on how you can successfully promote your newly established business via digital marketing. While it may appear like a complicated approach, learning the ins and outs is necessary in order for you to develop an effective online marketing strategy for your business. Not to mention, PPC can provide you with more timely results compared to other online marketing methods like Search Engine Optimisation. This article will provide you with the most important information about PPC to help you maximise its full potential.

How to Keep Your Target Audience Engaged Using Funnels

In a competitive market, keeping your audience engaged is crucial to gain connections that make loyal followers and consumers. When you know who your target is and what’s important to them, you can make sure that your marketing activities have the best chance to be noticed and acknowledged. One foolproof method of engaging your target … Read more

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